I just want to know more about the world.


【口语】美国人常用英语口语 2009年09月14日10:46 [我来说两句] [字号:大中小] quitit! 别闹!   Don't mention it. 没关系,别客气。   Who knows! 天晓得!   It is not a big deal! 没什么了不起! ...

2012-09-23 19:42:23

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企业各职位英文缩写: GM(General Manager)总经理 VP(Vice President)副总裁 FVP(First Vice President)第一副总裁 AVP(Assistant Vice President)副总裁助理 CEO(Chief Executive Of...

2012-04-11 14:23:57

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What is china

What is China? The People’sRepublic of China, commonly knows as China, is located in east Asia, andborders 14 nations or any other county in the wor...

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