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Rebalance Disk Group + ASM Disk Discovery

Disk discovery is the mechanism used to find the operating system names for disks Oracle ASM can access. It is used to find all the disks that compri...

2014-01-21 15:42:34

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Oracle Application Object Library AOL/J Setup Test Suite

Oracle Application Object Library AOL/J Setup Test Suite The AOL/J Setup Test Suite consists of Java Server Pages (JSPs) and can be used to diagnose...

2014-01-21 10:23:44

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登录ebs 系统的各个页面

http://.:/OA_HTML/ServletPing  http://.:/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jsp  http://.:/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=OAHOMEPAGE  http://.:  http://.:/OA_MED...

2014-01-20 18:01:19

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svn Locked的几种解决方法

SVN错误:Attempted to lock an already-locked dir /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ 出现这个问题后使用“清理”功能,如...

2014-01-20 17:29:19

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关于javacache.log 清除 我发现在R12.1系统里,有三个javacache.log, /u01/erp/inst/apps/TEST_hostapp/logs/appl$find . -name "j...

2014-01-20 17:22:49

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Java Object Cache in EBS

Java Object Cache (Distributed Java Caching) in Oracle E-Business Suite 11i/R12 If you are upgrading your system (or planning to upgrade) to ATG...

2014-01-20 16:34:43

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用户在运行并发请求的时候,发现并发请求无法运行,在日志文件发现如下内容: Concurrent Processing - Concurrent Reports Failing With Errors REP-0004,REP-0082 and REP-0104 (Doc ID 8449...

2014-01-20 10:35:26

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Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM) ICM实际上是一个后台进程,用于管理其他Manager(start/stop).DBA要保证ICM处于运行状态,否则其他的Concurrent Manager无法Start/Stop. Standard Manager ...

2014-01-20 09:59:50

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You can create an Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (Oracle ADVM) volume in a disk group. The volume device associated with the dynamic volume can th...

2014-01-17 15:18:39

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asm磁盘组的冗余级别+Voting Disk and OCR

Specify the redundancy level of the disk group. For Oracle ASM to mirror files, specify the redundancy level as NORMAL REDUNDANCY (2-way mirroring by...

2014-01-16 23:49:12

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R12.1/R12.2登录页面url 、hostname、IP 修改

How to change the Oracle EBusiness Suite url Normally while you install oracle R12 it takes the hostname as url name. So, you can access the ora...

2014-01-13 15:24:25

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转自: 创建和实施安全过程有助于保护公司最重要的财富-数据。 创建一个数据库用户: create user thumper identified by rabbit default tablespace user...

2014-01-13 15:19:53

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参考链接: I'm cloning my production server (R12: 12.0.4, my os is RHEL 5.3 x86) by using ...

2014-01-13 10:12:32

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Why do we get error when we run “opmnctl status” from “$INST_TOP/ ora/ 10.1.3/ opmn/ bin”

原文: This post covers interview question (re...

2014-01-09 16:30:48

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lsof 命令

转载自: lsof简介 lsof(list open files)是一个列出当前系统打开文件的工具。在linux环境下,任何事物都以文件的形式存在,通过文件不仅仅可以访问常规数据,...

2014-01-09 14:55:20

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SYSASM role was introduced in 11gR1 and was designed to administer ASM instances. In 11gR1 , if you connected with SYSDBA role , you used to get a w...

2014-01-09 14:50:08

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Using Oracle Restart

Oracle Restart improves the availability of your Oracle database. When you install the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server, it include...

2014-01-09 10:44:58

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Server Control Utility (SRVCTL) in clustered Oracle ASM environments

srvctl命令在rac环境中,经常的使用,我们可以用它来完成很多rac管理的任务,下面来看下一般用srvctl在asm实例中能干啥呢? perform the following Oracle ASM administration tasks: ■ Add and remove the Or...

2014-01-09 10:31:14

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ASM 4——Multipath实现LUN设备名称的持久化

转载:  LINUX下多路径(multi-path)介绍及使用 2011-01-11 00:52:22 标签:网络存储 linux ipsan 多路径 休闲 原创作品,允许转载,转载时请务必以超链接形...

2014-01-07 11:14:35

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Oracle ASM metadate 是oracle asm需要用的一些信息,这些信息用来控制一个磁盘组。这些元数据存放在磁盘组上,主要包括如下信息: The disks that belong to a disk group(属于磁盘组的磁盘) The amount of space that...

2014-01-06 19:47:56

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